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Personal Finance – Tips and Support

By Raymond Eaddy

December 22, 2017

Budget, debt, personal finance

In this article we will discuss personal finance and how people manage their money. Personal finance is something that many people still do not feel educated enough about or able to understand. This can cause many problems when people find themselves unable to manage their finances and unaware of just what help is available.

While most people over the years have relied on social help ie benefits or pensions, this is not something which can be relied upon as much today or even in future. This has been the case since the recession began and the cut backs took effect.

It is important when working out your budget each month that the person paid first is you followed by priority creditors (mortgage, secured loans etc). There would be no point in giving creditors the money you need to live and then having to go further into debt just to survive.

This is an important factor when working out your budget and it must be done. If payments are not made to priority creditors, then you could find it harder to get out of debt in the longer run.

It is important to make sure that you are protected against any changes which could cause debts to arise. This may be as a result of sickness which could reduce income or a family incident which could mean an increase in expenditure. One way which people can secure themselves against these factors is by having a savings account. By putting money way way each month when times are good it can reduce the impact when you are struggling.

While there are fewer jobs than before due to the recession it may be worth looking for a second job if you are struggling financially. This could offer the extra money needed to resolve any money worries you have and may have a short term solution.

While most jobs are not able to pay enough to balance out the cost of living due to the recession, it could still help you put a little extra money in your pocket each month. The income from one job may not be enough to pay for the rising cost of food, gas, electricity etc which is why it is important to consider other options for income. This could be mean a second job which is part-time or even finding out if you are entitled to other benefits. The more options you have financially the better you may be prepared for the future.

Those who have money at at the moment may have enough to start considering an investment into the property market. With house prices at rock bottom prices, if you have available income you can get a good deal if you are purchasing a house. This could be seen as an asset for the future or even just as extra income through rent. Another good source can be online as new innovative business options are arising all the time. It is advised that caution is taken when looking online for extra income as people have found themselves the victims of scams.

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