June 20


Money Management Workflow Strategy

By Raymond Eaddy

June 20, 2017

Financial Freedom, money management

Now that we have a budget together. If you don’t see how set one up here. Let’s put the money management workflow system into action.

Day One

Create your budget(s)
Set up your accounts: Make sure that you have your accounts are setup before your income starts to come in.

Pay Day

I update my working budget to give all my income a place to go.

Twice a Month

I’ve chosen the 3rd and the 17th for my days.

  1. Transfers go made from my income account to my other accounts based on the amounts I entered in my budget.
  2. Any money that needs to be in the expenses account to cover bills I transfer it now
  3. Bills that are due between the due date and the next date get paid, if they have not been set up for auto pay.

Every Month

I take any funds left over for the month and split them as followed:
90% Debt Paydown
10% Investment Capital

Every Other Month

I take the funds from the debt paydown category and put it towards which ever debt I am working on at the moment.

Every Quarter

I take half of the funds from the financial freedom account. I have debt so I take 90% of that for debt paydown, with the remaining funds going to my play account. If I had no debt, then I would celebrate with that money.

Let’s go to work

We now have a game plan, the only thing left to do is to put that plan into action.

Want to read this whole guide? Check out my money management strategy.

Raymond Eaddy

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