December 15


Dealing With Debt – Overcoming Your Problems

By Raymond Eaddy

December 15, 2017

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Debt steals your freedom; it’s even more virulent than cancer. You must do everything humanly possible to get out of debt.

You’re in debt today probably because you lived above your means in time past or got into a messy business that drove you into debt. Three things I hate most in this world, debt, poverty and sickness. Debt could have come from your inability to control your impulses or as a product of the unexpected. Whatever the case may be you have debt and we need to deal with it squarely and eliminate it.

My guide won’t just get you out of debt rather you’ll get out of debt way faster than you ever imagined.

Follow the following steps to get out of debt now:

1. Control Your Spending

You can’t spend money you do not have. Therefore, if you want to be debt free, you must spend less money than you earn. Start by eliminating the things you don’t really need from your scale of preference i.e.. learn the act of prioritizing. How much money would you have to spend if you eliminated newspapers, magazines, cable TV, second cars and cut back on eating out?

2. Decide How You Spend Your Money

Every charity, church and good program is asking for money. “Just give a dollar.” These dollars add up. If you have a job and a good income you can spend as much as you can. But if you’re trying to be debt free then don’t let other people tell you how to spend your money.

3. List All Your Debts

This is a very important move; it shows your seriousness to become debt free. Get a piece of paper, a Google sheet or a notepad on your computer. This list will help you have a decent idea of how much you owe. This eliminates guesswork. Another important aspect is to rank this debt from the smallest to the most expensive.

4. Set Periodic Goals

Becoming goal oriented is the best gift you can gift yourself, in all spheres of life. Goals help us churn really hard matter into tiny pieces. From your income you can set a target to pay a certain percentage monthly. The big picture of this goal oriented mission is to pay off all your debt and regain your freedom. Once these goals are in place, it will be almost impossible to ignore them. This will push you faster into accomplishing your goals than you would have originally anticipated.

5. Start Paying Off Your Debt From Highest To Lowest

Take every penny you receive above your basic living and all of the savings and apply them to your debt, Start by paying the highest then narrow down to the least. One by one pay off your debt. This will give you confidence and help you become debt free

6. Sell Almost Everything

Sell the things you don’t need to raise money. It could be your TV, used books, furniture, clothes. The aim is to raise more money and pay off your debt. There’s always time for stuff when you’re debt free so sell them and pay off your debt.

7. Work, Work, Work

This one is mind-blowing; To pay off the faster you can work more. Overtime, second jobs, babysitting. More money simply means more debt repayment.

Let me stop here for now.

Raymond Eaddy

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