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Envelope Budgeting System – An Easy Way To Budget Plan

Using an envelope budgeting system is a simple way to budget plan. Being able to see exactly where your money is makes this an easy budget plan for even young kids to learn. Instead of simply writing things out on paper, the envelope budgeting system lets you see and feel the cash going where it

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Money Pros and Cons – Personal Finance Basics

Is money good or is it bad? Depending how you view it, cash can be good but it has the potential to be a bad thing as well. Money can be good because it allows you the exact lifestyle you desire. It has the ability to fund your dreams such as going on holidays or

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How to Budget For A Home Purchase

Most home buyers never even think of their budget. Most home buyers do what we did with the advice my Mother gave me. Take your income and multiply by 3 and that’s the home you could buy. So if you make $50K you could reasonably afford a $150,000 home. There’s different variations to this “calculation”

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8 Strategies to Manage Your Personal Finance

Managing personal finance is a very important skill that everyone must master. But sad to say, our schools do not teach this important skill. Let me share with you my 2 cents worth of insights about managing your personal finance. 1. Always buy your stuff at a discount. Some people think that buying at a

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